February is Great American Pie Month, which begs the question: What is your favorite pie??!

When asked that questions, Event Supervisor Anessa Curtin nearly panicked.  “I can’t pick just one,” she gasped.  Turns out, pie is her favorite dessert.  After a long rant, in which pie choice depended on time of day, what beverage would accompany the pie and the season of the year, she eventually landed on the dreamy decadence of the Sweet Potato Pie that Chef Louis made this past fall.  Particularly amazing.

David Toves‘ first thought when asked about pie was, “I don’t want to be a pie,” which is somehow appropriate that the Events Rep in charge of Filming would think of the movie Chicken Run as an answer to the question.  When it was pointed out that the movie is English, not America, David responded, “Oh.  Well then, I like pumpkin.”

Our Director of Catering & Special Events,  Melissa Allen, pondered the question longer than most dessert lovers would. “Even though I come from the school of thought that all dessert requires chocolate, and I can and will eat anything with pumpkin in it, my favorite pie is French Apple Pie A La Mode.  Now, I know that it isn’t really American per say,” she admits, “BUT I’ve discovered that the “a la mode” portion of my favorite pie is, indeed, an American tradition.  Leave to it us Americans to add ice cream to our desserts!”

Philip Miller, the Ebell’s General Manager, answered emphatically, “Duh! Pecan of course!”  and when Ebell President Shirlee T. Haizlip was told Sweet Potato Pie had already been spoken for, she declared that a close second would be Lemon Meringue.

“Some of the best pie I’ve ever had is in Round Top Texas at a little cafe called Royers,” says Ebell Special Events Administrative Assistant, Kristin Chiles.  “They make Butterscotch Chip Pie, and with a scoop of Blue Bell Ice Cream on top (which any southerner will tell you is the best ice cream in the country)  you think you’d died and gone to heaven.  Apparently they deliver out of state.  I’m in trouble.”

Whatever your favorite flavor of pie may be, make sure to celebrate this very important event by enjoying a slice or two!